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GXTRONIC is committed to being a leading provider of power solutions, offers total quality, from in-house design in Asia, Europe and North America. Our  company offers the widest range of power products available from one source and unrivalled technical and customer support, aiding both vendor consolidation and cost reduction programmes. GXTRONIC has sales offices throughout Europe and Asia.



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GXTRONIC strives to meet the various safety and quality standards that are recognised across the world. The process requires stringent checks and testing conducted by both the in-house teams and approved test houses. GXTRONIC can provide the best and most consistent products for all power solutions. The duty to remove waste and harmful substances is one taken very seriously by GXTRONIC.

They are increasingly interested in more efficient power supplies with less energy consumption. At GXTRONIC we are focused on developing products that are smaller, more efficient, produce less waste, consume less energy and avoid dangerous substances. Our global goal is to become the leader of our industry in environmental issues.


Energy and Efficiency

Saving energy

The design

Manufacturing is Art

GXTRONIC strives to bring low cost, fast delivery production to the world but in a way that limits the impact on the natural environment. Our manufacturing in Asia is made with the quality standards of Europe and the USA. Our goal is to manufacture with high quality at a good competitive price.


High quality electronic materials

Our GXTRONIC purchasing team only designs the products under the strictest quality controls of electronic materials. Our premise is to manufacture products of high durability and quality.


Quality Designs

Our team of GXTRONIC engineers designs the products to meet your requirements. We can manufacture to meet the needs of your business to grow together for a long time.


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